Welcome to Ueno HP 本文へジャンプ
Wellcome to my laboratory

Atmosphere and land surface strongly interacts each other trough the water and energy cycles. Convection and precipitation systems are the major component to change radiation, heat budget, and land surface conditions, such as soil moisture, snowcover, vegetation changes etc. Especially in the monsoon Asia, complex topography characterize the mechanism of land-atmosphere interaction and provide various climatic contrasts. My interests are to reveal those precipitation dynamics and weather modification to establish the climate system in small areas, especially around the mountain ranges. Spatial scale covers meso- to synoptic-, that corresponds to diurnal to year-to-year time scales. Methods of study cover observations, data analysis, and diagnosing of model output.

My vision covers not only for the geophysical but geographical points of view. Since 1989, I have been engaged many international field expeditions such as in Yunnan province (China), Khumbu Himalayas (Nepal), and Tibet (China) under Japanese Glacier experiments, KAKEN, GEWEX/GAME, CEOP, JICA projects. Also, Japan alps areas and Tsukuba areas are my domestic fields. The experiences of international and domestic field observations have always remains the linkage of plot scale and synoptic to global scale circulations of atmosphere. And local climate strongly contributes to the life and social activity. We need order made style approach to reveal the geoenvironmental problems.

I welcome all of foreigner students who is interested in my study focuses to study in my laboratory. Let me introduce several topics in details in the following pages.