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2003Kasdi SubagyonoLinking runoff process and spatial and temporal variation of water chemistry in a forested headwater catchment
2003䉪 YNitrate attenuation processes in groundwater at an upland slope-wetland plot
2003ѓc ^Change of water balance in Japanese Red Pine forest under the successional process
2002 GaChemical evolution of spring water and groundwater flow system in Asama Volcano, central Japan
2002Anetta Rosari Indra FernandoBehaviors of zero flux planes in the unsaturated zone and estimation of evapotranspiration and drainage rates at a Japanese Red Pine forest
2002Fathelrahman Ali BireirA study on the hydrogeological characteristics and the geochamical evolution of groundwater in Gash alluvial basin, semi-arid area, North East Sudan
1999 `aStudy on water flow in a soil-plant-atmosphere continuum considering water storage in a stem
1999 [FA study on three-dimensional spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture by using electrical resistivity tomography
1999_c mProduction and transport processes of carbon dioxide in soil profiles at a coniferous forest and an adjacent grassland
1999 ĎuThe influence of land-atmosphere interface on a patch scale spectral reflectance and surface fluxes
1998R Process of evaporation from a dry bare soil
1997{ YEffects of environmental change on the water balance in Sri Lanka
1996v A study on the relation between water cycle and groundwater quality in Sri Lanka
1996{ MCA study of groundwater flow system in the Imaichi alluvial fan with complex geological structure, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
1996 wGroundwater movement in the volcanic island of Cheju, Korea
1995Stephen Dapaah-SiakwanA study of groundwater circulation in Tokyo Metropolis using subsurface temperature and environmental isotopes
1995wR NA study on the surface fluxes over a heterogeneous land cover
1995 The effect of soil moisture on the energy balance at the bare soil surface
1995r TMacropore effect on infiltration process and soil air movement
1995 EA study of the evapotranspiration and heat balance characteristics in the arid and semi-arid region of Heihe River basin, northwest China
1994 YStudy of groundwater seepage into Lake Biwa
1994ґ ^MDynamic behavior of soil water movement in a headwater basin
1991Jong-Kwan ParkSuspended sediment transport in a mountainous catchment
1990O aEnvironmental isotope hydrology of Mt. Tsukuba
1988rc ㎡Chemical evolution of groundwater quality in the southern foot of Mount Fuji
1988Study on the relationship between groundwater flow system and groundwater quality in Dejima area
1987c ϖEvaporation from a pine forest
1987J ^lHydrological study on subsurface temperature in Nagaoka plain
1987 Study on the three-dimensional groundwater flow system in an upland area
1987ۈ ֏Subsurface water storage and runoff processes in a layered hillslope
1986Abdul Khabir AlimExperimental studies on transient behavior of capillary zone
1986s Mixing patterns of the Yukawa River in the Chuzenji Lake
1985ߓ FStudy on the groundwater flow system by environmental tritium in Ichihara region, Chiba Prefecture
1985 FA study on thermal regime of Lake Ikeda
1984 TStudy of evapotranspiration from pasture
1983J YMechanism of vertical water movement in the Kanto Loam formation during and after a rain
1983 Stream order and stream net ratios of drainage basins in Taiwan
1983 Watershed response to a storm rainfall
1982c Study of soil water movement in the Kanto loam formation using environmental tritium as a tracer
1981 FEffects of the movement of rainfall area on flood runoff
1980O IRunoff characteristics of small basins in the hill composed of Osaka Group
1979V Water supply-demand systems in the Ashida River basin -with special reference to analysis of water demands-
1978X dCAiOfɂn̎O헬
1978 _ʐ여ɂdAɐɂnɂ‚
1978 jsOaтɂ鐅̋

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