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Research Interests

I am a researcher in the field of urban geography and GIS. In this capacity I have already produced many publications comparing urban development processes in Japan and Australia (especially in Melbourne). My current research interest is how large numbers of overseas students in Melbourne have actually underpinned a boom in high-rise buildings within the western part of the city's CBD.
In this context, I have arranged for several senior Japanese researchers to also visit Melbourne, and all of these people have subsequently written research papers for a special peer-reviewed issue of the e-journal, Monash ePress "Applied GIS", November 2006 (see "Volume 2 issue 2 2006" part, shown in the down below of this link page). This issue made detailed assessments of city and suburban development processes in Melbourne and compared them not only to parallel developments in Japan but also to trends in some US and Canadian cities as well.
My latest book, "The Mechanism of land-use change" (written in Japanese only) (published in 2009, Kokon Shoin, Tokyo) was based on my PhD dissertation and won an academic award from the association of Geographical Space in 2010.


I have written many refereed papers so far however most of them were written in Japanese only (some of them have English abstract). I listed here papers written in English.
If you can read Japanese character, please click here. You can get a full list of my publications including articles written in Japanese.


1. Mouer, Ross and Tsutsumi, Jun 2011.
Australiafs Sister-City Relations with Japan. In Stephen Alomes, Peter Eckersall, Ross Mouer, Alison Tokita (eds), Outside Asia: Japanese and Australian Identities and Encounters in Flux. Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University (ISBN: 9781921775819), pp. 169-187.
Chapters of the book

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2. Tsutsumi, Jun and OfConnor, Kevin 2011.
International Students as an Influence on Residential Change: A Case Study of the City of Melbourne. Geographical Review of Japan Series B 84 (1): pp. 16|26.
Full paper

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3. Tsutsumi, Jun and Parolin, Bruno 2011.
Time series skyline and employment changes in Sydney, Australia. Working paper presented to the IGU Urban Commission, Canterbury meeting, August 2011.
Full paper

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4. Book Review: ABE Kazutoshi eds.: Toshi no keikan chiri: Tairiku Yoroppa hen (Geography of Urban Landscapes: European Cities); Tokyo: Kokon Shoin, 114p., 2009.
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5. TSUTSUMI, Jun 2008.
Office location in Sapporo city, Japan: Centralization or decline?
Annals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers, 53, pp. 478-489.
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6. Tsutsumi, Jun and Wyatt, Ray 2006.
Editorial: A brief history of metropolitan planning in Melbourne, Australia.
Applied GIS (Monash University ePress), 2 (2). pp. 7.1-7.10. DOI: 10.2104/ag060007.

Full paper
7. Tsutsumi, Jun and OfConnor, Kevin 2006.
Time series analysis of the skyline and employment changes in the CBD of Melbourne.
Applied GIS (Monash University ePress), 2 (2). pp. 8.1-8.12. DOI: 10.2104/ag060008.

Full paper
8. Ishikawa, Yuichi and Tsutsumi, Jun 2006.
The changing socio-economic structure of Dallas, USAf.
Applied GIS (Monash University ePress), 2 (2). pp. 10.1-10.28. DOI: 10.2104/ag060010.

Full paper
9. Tsutsumi, Jun and OfConnor, Kevin 2005.
International Students and the Changing Character of the Inner Area of a City: A Case Study of Melbourne.
In State of Australian Cities: National Conference 2005. Brisbane, 14p.
    Full paper

10. Tsutsumi, Jun 2005.
Urban restructuring process in the CBD of Melbourne, Australia - Is this development a kind of globalization in a particular way?
- In Yuji Murayama and Guoquing Du eds.: Cities in Global Perspective: Diversity and Transition. College of Tourism, Rikkyo University with IGU Urban Commission on Monitoring cities of tomorrow, Tokyo, Japan. pp. 308-312.
    Full paper

11. Tsutsumi, Jun 2004.
Integrating macro and micro data by GIS in the urban land-use analysis.
In Pacione, Michael ed.: Changing Cities International Perspectives. IGU Urban commission, Monitoring cities of tomorrow, and Strathclyde University Publishing, Glasgow, UK. pp. 351-356D
    Full paper


Tsutsumi, Jun 2004.
Regional characteristics of building supply in a newly developed city in Japan.
In Mirko Pak ed.: DELA 21 Cities in Transition. IGU Urban commission, Monitoring cities of Tomorrow, Department of Geography, University of Ljubljana, pp. 495-504.

Abstract   Full paper

13. TSUTSUMI, Jun 2003a.
The land conversion process and landowners' land-use decisions in the rural-urban fringe of Maebashi city.
Geographical Review of Japan Ser.B, 76, pp. 349-366.
Abstract   Full paper

14. TSUTSUMI, Jun 2002.
Land-use decisions and following land conversion process in a medium-sized city in Japan.
In Kim, I, Nam, Y. and Choi, J., eds.: Diversity of Urban Development and Urban Life. Seoul National University Press, pp. 164-179.

Abstract Summary
15. TSUTSUMI, Jun 1999.
Land Conversion due to Decision Agents in an Urban Land Market--A Case Study of Maebashi City, Japan.
Geographical Review of Japan Ser.B, 72, pp. 23-47.
Abstract   Full paper


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