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Chinatowns in Japan

    Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki

Chinatowns in the World 

    Southeast Asia(1)(2)

    U.S.A.    Hawaii




The Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand


Prof. Kiyomi YAMASHITA 

Doctoral Program of Geoenvironment
Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Japan 305-8572


Fields of Study

Human  Geography (Cultural Geography, Ethnic Geography)
Area Studies of Southeast Asia and China
Study on Ethnic Chinese Overseas and Chinatowns




  Born in 1951( in Fukuoka, Japan) 


    B.A., Geography, Tokyo University of Education (Tokyo Kyouiku Daigaku)

    M.A., Geography,  University of Tsukuba

    DSc., Geography,  University of Tsukuba, 1986
        Dissertation:  A Geographical Study on Segregation of the Chinese Dialect Groups in Singapore


  Professional Career:

    1982: Research Associate, Division of Human Geography, Institute of Geoscience, University of Tsukuba

    1983-1997: Lecturer/ Associate Professor/ Professor, Faculty of Education, Akita University

    1997- 2004: Professor, Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University

   2004-present: Professor, Doctoral Program of Geoenvironment, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba


Major Research Works


  2002, Chinese Communities in Southeast Asia and Emigrant Homelands in China: 
         an Human Geographical Study on the Ethnic Chinese and Chinatowns, 
         Tokyo: Kokon Shoin (in Japanese).  


  2000, Chinatowns: A Global Network of Ethnic Chinese, Tokyo: Maruzen (in Japanese).  

          Book Review

    1993, (with N. Takahashi et al.), Reading World Maps: An Illustrated World Geography, Tokyo: Taimeido (in Japanese).

    1988, Chinese Community in Singapore, Tokyo: Taimeido (in Japanese).

    1987, Chinatowns in Southeast Asia, Tokyo: Kokon Shoin (in Japanese).


   2003, Formation and development of Chinatown in Japan: Chinatowns as tourist spots in Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki. Geographical Review of Japan, Vol.76, 910-923. (in English)

    2001, Changes and the State of the Chinese Community in South Korea: Disappeared Chinatowns in Seoul and Inchon, A Journal of Regional Development Studies, Vol.4 (in Japanese with English abstract).

    1998, A Geographical Study on Food Culture of the Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia: The Case of Singapore and Malaysia, A Journal of Regional Development Studies, Vol.1 (in Japanese with English abstract).

    1992, Contribution of Japanese Geographers to the Study of Southeast Asia after World War II, Annals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers, Vol.38, No.1 (in Japanese with English abstract).

     1987, Breakdown of the Residential Segregation of Chinese Dialect Groups in Singapore, Science Report, Sect.A  The Institute of Geoscience, The University of Tsukuba, Vol.8 (in English)

     1986, The Residential Segregation of Chinese Dialect Groups in Singapore: With Focus on the Period Before ca. 1970,  Geographical Review of Japan, Vol. 59 (Ser.B) 、No.2 (in English)