Dr. Tsutomu Yamanaka
Associate Professor, Hydrology

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, 305-8577, JAPAN

TEL : +81-298-53-2538, FAX : +81-298-53-2530
E-mail : tyam@geoenv.tsukuba.ac.jp
URL : http://www.geoenv.tsukuba.ac.jp/~tyam/
Research Interests Brief Background
  • Tracing water cycle using stable isotopes
  • Ecohydrology including evaporation, transpiration and soil moisture dynamics
  • Associate Professor (Univ. of Tsukuba) 2008-present
  • Assistant Professor (Univ. of Tsukuba) 2001-2008
  • Research Associate (Hiroshima Univ.) 1998-2001
  • D.Sc (Univ. of Tsukuba) 1998
  • M.Sc (Univ. of Tsukuba) 1995
  • B.Sc (Univ. of Tsukuba) 1993

  • Award for the Encouragment of Young Scientists 1999-2000 (Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology) 2001
Current Courses Current Research Topics
  • Tracer hydrology
  • Physical geography
  • Seminar on hydrology
  • Water use strategy of plants
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Deep groundwater dynamics beneath Asian mega-cities
  • Origin of precipitation/atmospheric water vapor
Selected Publications

    My colleagues and students can download pdf files of the papers underlined for their personal use. If you are interested in the papers, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Yamanaka, T. and H. Wakui (2009) : Intensive groundwater-surface water interaction in an alluvial fan: assessment using a numerical model and isotopic tracer. M. Taniguchi, W.C. Burnett, Y. Fukushima, M. Haigh & Y. Umezawa (Eds.): "From Headwaters to the Ocean: Hydrological Changes and Watershed Management", Taylor and Francis, 321-327.

  • Yamanaka, T., and R. Shimizu (2007) : Spatial distribution of deuterium in atmospheric water vapor: diagnosing sources and the mixing of atmospheric moisture. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71, 3162-3169.

  • Yamanaka, T., I. Kaihotsu, D. Oyunbaatar, and T. Ganbold (2007) : Characteristics and controlling factors of regional-scale surface soil moisture variability over semi-arid grassland in Mongolia. Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan, 85A, 261-270.

  • Yamanaka, T., I. Kaihotsu, D. Oyunbaatar, and T. Ganbold (2007) : Summertime soil hydrological cycle and surface energy balance on the Mongolian steppe. Journal of Arid Environments, 69, 65-79.

  • Yamanaka, T., M. Tsujimura, D. Oyunbaatar, and G. Davaa (2007) : Isotopic variation of precipitation over eastern Mongolia and its implication for the atmospheric water cycle. Journal of Hydrology, 333, 21-34.

  • Tsujimura, M., L. Sasaki, T. Yamanaka, A. Sugimoto, S-G. Li, D. Matsushima, A. Kotani and M. Saandar (2007) : Vertical distribution of stable isotopic composition in atmospheric water vapor and subsurface water in grassland and forest sites, eastern Mongolia. Journal of Hydrology, 333, 35-46.

  • Tsujimura, M., Y. Abe, T. Tanaka, J. Shimada, S. Higuchi, T. Yamanaka, G. Davaa, D. Oyunbaatar (2007) : Stable isotopic and geochemical characteristics of groundwater in Kherlen River basin, a semi-arid region in eastern Mongolia, Journal of Hydrology, 333, 47-57.

  • Li, S-G, M. Tsujimura, A. Sugimoto, L. Sasaki, T. Yamanaka, G. Davaa, D. Oyunbaatar, and M. Sugita (2006) : Seasonal valiation in oxygen isotope composition of waters for a montane larch forest in Mongolia. Trees, 20, 122-130.

  • Yamanaka, T., J. Shimada, Y. Hamada, T. Tanaka, Y. Yang, Z. Wanjun and H. Chunsheng (2004) : Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in precipitation in a northern part of the North China Plain: Climatology and inter-storm variability. Hydrological Processes, 18, 2211|2222.

  • Yamanaka, T., M. Inoue and I. Kaihotsu (2004) : Effects of gravel mulch on water vapor transfer above and below the soil surface. Agricultural Water Management, 67, 145|155.

  • Yamanaka, T., J. Shimada, and K. Miyaoka (2002) : Footprint analysis using event-based isotope data for identifying source area of precipitated water. Journal of Geophysical Research, 107(D22), 4624, doi10.1029/2001JD001187.

  • Yamanaka, T. and T. Yonetani (1999) : Dynamics of the evaporation zone in dry sandy soils. Journal of Hydrology, 217, 135-148.

  • Yamanaka, T., A. Takeda, and J. Shimada (1998) : Evaporation beneath the soil surface: Some observational evidence and numerical experiments. Hydrological Processes, 12, 2193-2203.

  • Sugita, F., T. Kishii, Y. Kuzuha, and T. Yamanaka (1998) : A wind tunnel investigation of roughness properties over non-homogeneous rough surfaces. Hydrological Processes, 12, 2149|2161.

  • Yamanaka, T., A. Takeda, and F. Sugita (1997) : A modified surface-resistance approach for representing bare-soil evaporation: Wind-tunnel experiments under various atmospheric conditions. Water Resources Research, 33, 2117-2128.

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