Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT),Japan research project

Project name

SI-CAT: Social Implementation Program on Climate Change Adaptation Technology

Title of Research Project

(i)Development of evaluation technologies of sectoral impact and adaptation measures on climate change.
e:Development of model of thermal environment and health impact for assessment of adaptation measures.




The work that University of Tsukuba is in charge of is development of system for Impact assessment of climate change by local governments.Development content is as follows:

1. Improvement for global warming downscaler to use cloud computing and to calculate high resolution climate simulation.
2. Development of evaluation scheme of heat stroke measures.
3. Creating a map of heat stroke risk(vigilance degree for heat) .

Total our Budget of this Project (2015-2019) ]

19,797,000 JPY

Our Budget of this year (2019)

3,076,000 JPY (28,561 USD, 1USD=107.7JPY)