Messege from Pioneer

Lidia Vitanova

Doctoral student in Climatology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Research thesis: “Urban heat island in Sofia city: Causes, Current State and Future Prediction”
Resesarch project in Japan: „The Urban heat island – Causes and Development“
Interests: Urban Climate, Urban Heat Island, Climate Change.


   Lidia says: “In October 2013 I visited University of Tsukuba, Centre for Computational Sciences, Kusaka lab where I had opportunity to study current state and future projection of Urban Heat Island by running WRF (Weather Research & Forecasting Model).
   The overall objective of my work visit to the University of Tsukuba was to enhance my knowledge and scientific research skills in the field of climate changes and, more particularly, climate changes in large urban centres. For me was very useful also to learn from the experience of well-known world scientists in the field of urban climate and climate change as prof. Kusaka. The knowledge and skills that I acquired in the course of my research in Kusaka lab was of great significance for future work on my dissertation on “Urban heat island in Sofia city: Causes, Current State and Future Prediction”.
   It was very useful for me that I spend some time in Kusaka lab and study with a team about some methods for urban climate exploration.
   I selected Kusaka lab because one of the best laboratories and technological facilities could be found there. Furthermore I am impressed by the good and friendly team as well as the correct and professional attitude to me.
   I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be in touch with Kusaka team who help me to understand and resolve very important tasks related to Urban Climate and to avail myself of their experience, organized data, rich libraries and scientific facilities. 
   I really like Japan! I found many friends here! I visited many interesting places and tried many delicious foods. University of Tsukuba is very quiet, green and natural. You can relax and focus on your study.
   I am deeply grateful and I want to encourage each student to take part and study in Kusaka team!”
Thank you prof. Kusaka!

Mamunur Rashid

PhD Scholar in Water Engineering at University of South Australia, Australia.
Research thesis: “Downscaling of General Circulation Model output to rainfall”
Interests: Climate change impact on rainfall variability, stochastic rainfall modelling, hydrological modelling, downscaling.


   I have been continuing my PhD in University of South Australia since 2012. My PhD research includes downscaling of multi-site daily rainfall and projection of changes of hydrologically relevant matrixes and extreme indices of rainfall in a South Australian catchment. Under the Mawson Lakes fellowship, I had opportunity to visit and work in Kusaka Lab as an exchange PhD research student from June 2013 to November 2013.
   It was a great opportunity for me to work in Kusaka’s group as this is one of the best research groups in climate research. The technological facilities available in Kusaka Lab is highly modernized and competitive than any other renowned research organizations over the world in the field of climate research. Moreover they have extra-ordinary expertise and skills particularly in climate downscaling which coincide with the main focus of my research. That is why I selected Kusaka Lab as a most suitable place for my exchange research visit.
   During my visit in Kusaka Lab, I achieved remarkable experiences and skills in dynamic downscaling technique through the application of Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) Model. I gratefully remember the continuous support from Kusaka Sensei and other group members particularly Asuka San during my stay in Japan. I found a cooperative and supportive research culture in Kusaka’s group which in turn helpful for quick learning.
   Besides Japan is a very good place to live and enjoy the life. People are very polite, honest, cordial and helpful. Most importantly I found a homely environment in Japan.

I wish I could join Kusak’s group again!!!