Grants (A)

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A.

・Urban precipitation observations.(2013~2017)
Purpose: Underconstruction
Total our Budget of this Project (2013-2017):  20,000,000 JPY 
Our Budget of this year (2013)  :   4,000,000 JPY (39,216 USD 1USD=102JPY)
1) Teikyo University: Dr. Takehiko Mikami(lead), Hideto Sato
2) Tokyo Metropolitan University: Dr. Hideo Takahashi
3) Nihon University: Dr. Wataru Morishima
4)University of Tsukuba: Dr. Hiroyuki Kusaka
5)University of Tokyo: Dr.Shinichi Sakai, Shigeki Nakagawa