KUSAKA LAB. OB・OG(Research Theme and Current Affiliation)

Researcher(Professor emeritus)
Fujio KIMURA  
Kumi KATAOKA 【Research Theme】
Global warming and urban heat island(Prediction),
Typhoon(Case analysis)
Asuka SUZUKI-PARKER 【Research Theme】
Dynamical Downscaling to the future climate by the WRF model
Yuko AKIMOTO 【Research Theme】Development of LES models
Ryosaku IKEDA 【Research Theme】Wind fluctuation predictions for wind power generation,,Development of LES models
Doan Quang Van 【Research Theme】Wind fluctuation predictions for wind power generation
Noriko ISHIZAKI 【Research Theme】
Takamitsu ARAKI 【Research Theme】
Wind power prediction using WRF model and machine learning
Vitanova Lidia Lazarova 【Research Theme】
Numerical Study of Urban Heat Islands in Sofia and Sendai with Present, Past, and Potential Natural Vegetation Land Use
Technical Assistant
Keiko ANDO Make a translation of English into Japanese,Assistance for data analysis,Maintenance data
Mayumi OBATA Assistance for data analysis
Hiroko Ohta Assistance for data analysis
Student Fellow
Mamunur Rashid
(13 Summer - Autumn)
【Research Theme】
Down Scaling of Global Warming in Australia
(07 Summer - 08 Summer)
【Research Theme】
Improvement of Precipitation Prediction Accuracy by Data Assimilation,
Prediction of Photochemical Oxidants Using a Chemical Reaction Model
Gu Ying
(17 Autumn - 18Summer)
【Research Theme】
JICA Trainee
PRABOWO Andriyas Aryo 【Research Theme】Projection of future climate in Indonesia using WRF
CHANDRASA Ganesha Tri 【Research Theme】Projection of future climate in Indonesia using WRF
MUHARSYAH Robi 【Research Theme】Weather forecast of Indonesia using the WRF
I Dewa Gede Agung Junnaedhi 【Research Theme
Indonesian atmospheric boundary layer studies using the WRF.
Kristanto Hadi 【Research Theme
Indonesian land use planning with dynamic down scale results.
Ratu Veby Renita, ST 【Research Theme
Indonesian land use planning with dynamic down scale results.
Research Student
Miki NAKANO Development of SI-CAT down scaler
Special Research Student
Shen Minyu
Guraduation/Completion 2019
Akifumi NISHI 【Doctor's Theisis】
Numerical Study of the Flow over a Mountain Range with a Convexity: Formation Mechanism of Local Wind, “Karakkaze”

【Master's Theisis】
Development of Anelastic Approximation Model with Generalized Curvilinear Coordinate System

【Graduation Thesis】
Comparative Study of Numerical Schemes on Local Meteorological Model
Guraduation/Completion 2018
Vitanova Lidia Lazarova 【Doctor's Theisis】
Numerical Study of Urban Heat Islands in Sofia and Sendai with Present, Past, and Potential Natural Vegetation Land Use
Syuhei ENDO 【Master's Theisis】
The Structure and Mechanism of “Matsumoto-Wind”

【Graduation Thesis】
Characteristics and a Mechanism of the Wind in the Ishikari Lowland, Hokkaido
Syunsuke YAMADA 【Master's Theisis】
Two type mechanism of Suzuka Oroshi

【Graduation Thesis】
Climatological characteristics of the Ibuki-oroshi and its blowing mechanism
Tatsuya KANEKO 【Graduation Theisis】
Impacts of urban heat island in Tsukuba, Ibaraki on radiation fog
Guraduation/Completion 2017
Ryohei TOYOTAI 【Doctor's Thesis】
Three-dimensional analysis of the thermal structure
Takuma KOYANAGI 【Master's Thesis】
On the Generation of the Local Strong Wind ” Inamikaze”, in Tonami Plain, Toyama Prefecture

【Graduation Thesis】
Three Local Winds that Blow on the Tonami Plain
Yoshie NAKAMURA 【Master's Thesis】
Predicting ramp events with an analog-based method considering atmospheric pressure pattern change

【Graduation Thesis】
Investigation of sudden wind speed change affecting wind power generation in Tohoku area
Ryuhei KIMURA 【Master's Thesis】
Observational study for adaptation to uncomfortable urban thermal environment
Tatsuya MATSUHIRA 【Master's Thesis】
Development of prediction method of wind ramp phenomenon for a wind power generation
Kazuhiro OKI 【Master's Thesis】
About the most suitable location of the wind-generated electricity in Aomori
Yuoto TANIKAWA 【Graduation Thesis】

Guraduation/Completion 2016
Yasuhiko AZEGAMI 【Master's Thesis】
Comparison of planetary boundary layer schemes in WRF model for forecasting ramp phenomena in wind power generation

【Graduation Thesis】
Research of wind speed variation for wind power generation in Hokkaidou and Tohoku region
Kosuke IGARI 【Master's Thesis】
Development of heat environment model based on three-dimensional plume model

【Graduation Thesis】
Field Study for Inhomogeneity of the Thermal Environment by the Difference of Structure within the City
Masato YABE 【Master's Thesis】
Effect of terrain on leeward mesoscale field

【Graduation Thesis】
Idealized experiments on cloud formation in urban area, using UCM and LES model
Mami Shimizu 【Master's Thesis】
Development of prediction formula for the number of heat stroke patients considering regionality and seasonality
Shohei AIBA 【Master's Thesis】
Influence of temperature change accompanying indoor and outdoor movement on human intellectual productivity
Guraduation/Completion 2015
Takayoshi ARAI 【Master's Thesis】
Urbanization and urban heat island

【Graduation Thesis】
Investigation of thermal environment in summer in the south of Saitama prefecture
Ryougo Sato 【Master's Thesis】
Climatological study of wind to blow along the valley line

【Graduation Thesis】
Climatological study of wind in Nakadori District, Fukushima Prefecture
Shingo NAKAMURA 【Master's Thesis】
The Mechanism of Local Wind “Matsubori-kaze” and Relationships with Cold Air Pool Formed in Aso Caldera.
Reiko KOKUBO 【Master's Thesis】
Making of Thermal Environment Evaluation Map Based on Meteorological and Physiological Measurement

【Graduation Thesis】
Ryuta SHIZUI 【Master's Thesis】
Ryouta NAWA 【Master's Thesis】
Numerical study of thermal in sky sports
Yoshika MIURA 【Master's Thesis】
Guraduation/Completion 2014
Masayuki Hara 【Doctor's Thesis】
Numerical Study on Dynamical Downscaling for Regional Climate Projection —Application to Asian Regions and Development of a Regional NICAM—.

Sanae OTAKA 【Master's Thesis】
Impacts of Urban Dynamical Effect on Precipitation in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Ai KAKINUMA 【Master's Thesis】
Impacts of Foehn for High Temperature in Hokuriku and North Kanto Districts
Gong Hao 【Master's Thesis】
Numerical Studies on Multi-period of Urban Heat Islands Effect during Rapid Urbanization: A Case Study of Shanghai, China (1987 - 2014)
Tomohiro ICHIZAWA 【Master's Thesis】
Formation Mechanism of Snow and Rain Spatial Distributions in the Kanto Plain
Kanako KOBORI 【Master's Thesis】
Keiichiro WATANABE 【Master's Thesis】
Kazunari TAKAHASHI 【Master's Thesis】
A study of the nighttime heat island and the acceleration of LES on the multi-GPU cluster
Guraduation/Completion 2013
Maki OKADA 【Doctor's Thesis】
Development of New Estimation Formula for Globe Temperature and Polyethylene Chamber for Research of Heat Exchanges on Vegetation Surface: Experimental Approach Based on Heat Budget.

【Master's Thesis】
The Influence of the Small Green Field on the Temperature over Residential Area in Summer Daytime.

・The article from a part of the doctoral thesis was published on J.Agric.Meteorol. (2013) Details
・The article from a part of the doctoral thesis was published on J. Heat Island Inst. Inter. (2014) Details
・The article from a part of the doctoral thesis was published on Boundary-Layer Meteorol. (2014) Details
・The article from a part of the doctoral thesis was published on J. Agric. Metol. (2016) Details
Fuki KUDO 【Master's Thesis】
Influence of thermal local circulation to the precipitation that occurs at midsummer days in the Kinki region
Yuta KUNO 【Master's Thesis】
Impacts of Urban Heat Island Circulation and Thermal on Fair-Weather Cumulus Clouds Forming over the Urban Area

【Guraduation Thesis】
The Investigation of short-time Heavy Precipitation Observed in the Northeastern Part of Nobi Plane in Hot Summer Day Afternoons
Ryo KUWAKADO 【Master's Thesis】

【Guraduation Thesis】
Survey of fog around Ibaragi Airport
Riku HIROTA 【Master's Thesis】
Investigation of the Fog Occurrence by using Surveillance Camera Image in Hakone

【Guraduation Thesis】
Fog formation in Hakone
Keiko FUJITA 【Master's Thesis】

【Guraduation Thesis】
Future summer climate prediction based on several urban scenarios and health impact assessment in the Tokyo metropolitan area
Guraduation/Completion 2012
Shiori ABE 【Master's Thesis】
Urban heat island measurements for the Tajimi-city

【Guraduation Thesis】
Survey of summer season temperature distribution in Tajimi city
Wataru HIRATA 【Master's Thesis】
On the genesis of local fronts in the Kanto Plain accompanied by cyclones passing along the south of Honshu island

【Guraduation Thesis】
Climatology of precipitation during a passage of the double-cyclone

Geophysical Review of Japan(2013)Details
Mayumi MIZUNARI 【Master's Thesis】
Influence of urbanized coastal area in convective rainfall

【Guraduation Thesis】
Climatological Study of Short-time Heavy Precipitations Observed in Tokyo in Summer
Tomomi YOSHIKURA 【Master's Thesis】
Wind speed dependence of the heat island intensity

Yuko AKIMOTO 【Research Theme】
Development of boundary layer model for fog simulation

Master's Thesis
Climatological study of fog in Japan

Graduation Thesis
Formation mechanism of Abend Thermik in the Mt.Asio Sky Sports Area

Atmospheric Research(2015)Details
Ryosaku IKEDA 【Research Theme】
Development of local meteorological model based on LES model to analyze the urban thermal environment

Master's Thesis
Development of Parallelized LES model with Generalized Curvilinear Coordinate System

Graduation Thesis
Development of Urban Meteorological Models for Simulation of Heat Island Phenomenon

J. Appl. Meteor. Clim. (2010) , ICUC-7(2009)
Yuya TAKANE 【Research Theme】
Numerical study on extreme high temperature event by the WRF model

【Master's Thesis】
Numerical study of the high-temperature phenomena in Summer over the inland Kanto Plain
・ Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society(2015) Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
・ International Journal of Climatology(2014)International Journal of Climatology
・ J. Appl Meteor Clim. (2013)J. Appl Meteor Clim.
・ J. Appl Meteor Clim. (2011)J. Appl Meteor Clim.
・ Best paper award (Heat island institute international 2008)
Guraduation/Completion 2011
Natsumi IIJIMA 【Guraduation Thesis】
Assessment of health impact with urban warming
Haruna IKEMORI 【Master's Thesis】
Case study of the relationship between the thermal occurrence point and the land use flat terrain

Masahiro UENO 【Master's Thesis】
Evaluation of urbanization impact on the observed temperature rise
over the past 30-years in Kanto plane using WRF model

Shota TANAKA 【Master's Thesis】
Geographical features and climatic characteristic of Tajimi city in summertime

Nana FURUHASHI 【Master's Thesis】
Impact of physics and boundary conditions in the WRF Model

【Guraduation Thesis】
Climatological survey of short-time heavy rainfall events observed
in the Tokyo 23 wards during the arternoon on the hot summer days
Manami ISHIKAWA 【Master's Thesis】
The climatology and formation mechanism of mesoscale cyclones off the south coast of Kanto

【Guraduation Thesis】
The development of prediction method of fog in the Aizu Basin,Fukushima prefecture
Guraduation/Completion 2010
Kazuhiro OSHIMA 【Master's Thesis】
Reproducibility and future changes of winter storm activity around Japan Island
in atmospheric general circulation model with the horizontal grid size of 20km

Kazunori KASHIHARA 【Master's Thesis】
Observation of fog  using live-camera around Hyakuri air base

Takuya KAWAMURA 【Master's Thesis】
The Environment causing the Formation of Local Fronts
during the Approach of Lows from the sea of Japan

【Guraduation Thesis】
Examining the origin of  cold layer during a winter low-pressure passes over the Japan islands
Michi KOMATSU 【Master's Thesis】
Midori TAKAKI 【Master's Thesis】
Observation research on relationship between park size and WBGT

Keiko NAWATA 【Master's Thesis】
Verification of Urban Effect on Precipitation
-Statistical Analysis Utilizing Ensemble Climate Experiment-

【Guraduation Thesis】
Numerical Simulation of Rainfall in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Using the WRF Model -Impact of Urbanization on the Rainfall-

J. Appl. Meteor. Clim.(2014) Details
Buhe BAOYIN 【Master's Thesis】
Guraduation/Completion 2009
Haruka KITAHATA 【Master's Thesis】
Effect of Japan Islands on the double-cyclones.

【Guraduation Thesis】
Examining formation mechanism of precipitation patterns
during a cold front passes over the Japan islands

Yukako MIYA 【Master's Thesis】
Extremely high summertime temperature in the three major metropolitan areas in recent 20 years

【Guraduation Thesis】
Climatological study on diurnal variation and spatial distribution
of local wind "Karakkaze" in the Kanto Plain

Geographical Review of Japan (2009), J. Meteor. Soc. Japan(2011)
Tomoyuki TAKATA 【Master's Thesis】

Soichi HASEGAWA 【Master's Thesis】
Guraduation 2008
Manami OHYA 【Guraduation Thesis】
Sensitivity of the snowfall simulation in the coastal area
of Japan Sea to the WRF microphysics
Guraduation 2007
Takuro HANYU 【Guraduation Thesis】
Actual Condition of Heavy Rainfall in Summer
in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Influence of Urbanization on Precipitation

Geographical Review of Japan(2010) and Journal of Heat Island Institute International(2010)