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  Recently in Japan, temperatures in urban area have been rising due to
heat island effects and global warming.

  Number of heat stroke patients is increasing year by year, especially during summer.
From this reason, health hazard has become more serious due to
temperature increase.It is considered that health hazard is significant in urban areas,
particularly in the three major urban cities in Japan,due to marked temperature increase.
However, the evaluation of future health impact with heat island effects has not been studied in detail.

We have been examining the future urban climate in summer in three major metropolitan areas
by downscale experiment using regional climate model WRF.
Using this result, we are assessing the health impact from temperature rise.

Number of days with daily maximum WBGT (wet-bulb global temperature) exceeding 31 degree Celsius ("outdoor activity prohibited" warning level according to the Japanese Sports Association).

Left panel is current observation, and right panel is future prediction using dynamical downscaling, respectively.

Reference: Suzuki-Parker et al. (2013, J. Bio. Met. Japan)

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