2014 Computational Wind Engineering, Poster Award
・Takane, Y., Kusaka, H., Kondo, H.,2014:
Mechanisms of foehn wind and a recent record-breaking high temperature in the Tokyo metropolitan area using the WRF model, 2014 Computational Wind Engineering, 2014

Best Presentation Award.
・Takane, Y., H. Kusaka, H. Kondo, 2013; Formation mechanism of extreme hot conditions and foehn -a case study on 24 June, 2011. 8th Conference onheat island Japan, 2013.

・Takane, Y., H. Kusaka, M. Hara, S. A. Adachi, and F. Kimura, 2008: Formation mechanism of extreme hot conditions-a case study on 16 August 2007-. 3rd Conference on heat island Japan, 2008

Students And Young Scientists Award.
・Suzuki-Parker, A., H. Kusaka, S. Abe, 2013: Climatological perspective and future projection of thermal environment in Japan using WBGT. 52nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Biometeorology, 2013.