Dr. Tomohiro SEKIGUCHI

Assistant Professor
Terrestrial Environment Research Center
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba 305-8577, Japan

E-mail: sekiguchi__suiri.tsukuba.ac.jp

Research Interests

Coastal processes; Nearshore wave-generated sand transport; Bedform and sedimentary structure under waves and/or currents; Bedform morphodynamics; Paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Professional Experience

  • March 2003 - Ph.D., Graduate School of Earth and Space Sciences, Osaka University
  • April 2003 - COE Fellow, Center of Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University
  • April 2005 - Research Fellow, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
  • June 2005 - Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba

Membership List

  • Japanese Geomorphological Union
  • Geological Society of Japan
  • The Sedimentological Society of Japan
  • Plaeontological Society of Japan

Selected Publications

  1. Sekiguchi,T. and Sunamura,T. (2005) Threshold for ripple formation on artificially roughened beds: wave-flume experiments. Journal of Coastal Research, 21, 323–330.
  2. Sekiguchi,T. and Sunamura,T. (2005) Reply to Discussion of “Effects of bed perturbation and velocity asymmetry on ripple initiation: wave-flume experiments” [Coastal Engineering 50 (2004) 231–239]. Coastal Engineering, 52, 309–312.
  3. Sekiguchi,T. (2005) Ripples with secondary crests as a possible indicator of palaeo-wave direction: a laboratory experiment. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 111, 182–186.
  4. Sekiguchi,T. and Sunamura,T. (2005) Development of characteristic ripple patterns in response to the change in wave conditions: a laboratory experiment. Transactions, Japanese Geomorphological Union, 26, 29–45.
  5. Sekiguchi,T. and Sunamura,T. (2004) A laboratory study of formative conditions for characteristic ripple patterns associated with a change in wave conditions. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 29, 1431–1435.
  6. Sekiguchi,T. and Sunamura,T. (2004) Effects of bed perturbation and velocity asymmetry on ripple initiation: wave-flume experiments. Coastal Engineering, 50, 231–239.
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