■ 地球科学研究科 生命環境科学研究科 博士論文一覧


■ 地球科学研究科 生命環境科学研究科入学者
入学年度 氏名 題目
1975 陳 憲明 The urbanization of the low plains in the suburbs of Tokyo and Taipei: A comparative study on the agricultural aspects.
福島義和 Structure and function of CBD in Chiba and Gifu: Case studies of medium size cities in metropolitan regions.
矢ヶ崎典隆 Ethnic cooperativism and immigrant agriculture: a study of Japanese floriculture and truck farming in California.
山下清海 A geographical study pn the segregation of Chinese dialect group in Singapore.
1976 手塚 章 An analysis of regionality in the outer suburban area of metropolises: viable farming types at the Simo-otu district, Ibaraki prefecture.
奥井正俊 A geographical study on the types of automotive traffic region and their distribution in the Kanto District.
1977 市南文一 A geographical study on the distribution patterns of productivty of agricultural land in Japan.
上野健一 The regional structure and its changes in Tokyo: 1920-1970
佐々木史郎 A geographical study on the north-south variation of Korean house form.
浅見良露 The geographical analysis of inter-area linkage of economic flustuatios in Fukuoka region, Japan
1978 高橋重雄 Multiple Stops and retail choices : their intraurban variations.
1979 伊藤 悟 An analysis of the distance parameter of spatial interaction model in the greater Tokyo metroplitan area.
菊地俊夫 The bases of development of viable daily farming in the Kanto District.
村山祐司 Regional structure of commodity flows in Japan: an appliciation of dynamic geographical field theoly.
南 栄佑 空間的相互作用からみた巨大都市ソウルの地域構造
1980 加賀美雅弘 Geographical study of regional variation of diseases.
中川 正 The cemetery as a cultural manifestation: Louisiana necrogeography.
1981 大関泰宏 A geographical study on urban migration in the kanto region.
根田克彦 The urban retailing system in Kushiro and its change.
尾藤章雄 Geographical study on residential structure of Tokyo 23 wards and suburban areas.
金 建錫 利根川下流域における稲作経営とその地域的特質
サマルカンディ,A.H. サウジアラビア・タイフ市における都市の内部構造
1982 井田仁康 A study on regional differences of air passenger flow patterns and the cause of the regional differences.
李 増民 内陸工業団地の地域的展開と隣接農村地域の対応
郭 金水 台湾における交通イノベーションと地域経済の関係に関する地域的分析
1983 丸山浩明 A geographical study of the aguricultural land use patterns on the lower volcanic slopes in Central Japan.
山下宗利 A geographical study on the structure of three dimensional land use of the central business district in Tokyo.
山本 充 A geographical study of changes in the mountain agricultural region in Tirol, Austria.
1984 井上 孝 The integrated model of intra-urban poplation distribution and migration
1985 篠原秀一 A geographical study of the modern fisheries' structure:the fisheries' space of Choshi
洪 顕哲 ソウル市における結節地域の構造とその変容に関する地理学的研究
張 長平 東京都区部における小売業の均衡的立地パターンに関する地理学的分析
1986 安 在鶴 韓国における人口移動の地域パターンと決定要因
森本健弘 A geographical study on cultivation abandonment in intensive agricultural regions of Kanto plain
山下 潤 Spatial interaction and spatial structure:A study of public facility location
酒井多加志 Geographical Study on Hinterland of the Port of Kushiro
1987 伊藤貴啓 A geographical study on the evolution of industialized agriculture in Higashi Mikawa plain, Aichi prefecture
呉羽正昭 Die wintersport gebiete in Osterreich und Japan: Ein geographischer vergleich der entwicklung der wintersporte in den Ostalpen und den Japanischen berggebieten
須山 聡 A geographical study of continuance and development of trafitional industry: the regional bases of shikki industry in Wajima city, Japan
平 篤志 Spatial dynamics of Japanese-affiliated companies in the Chicago Metropolitan Area: Global localization of multinationals
1988 橋本雄一 The transformation of central place system in the Tokyo metropolitan area
カミキハラ シズエ 日本における農家の契約栽培に関する地理学的研究
1989 小田宏信 The location dynamics of the small and medium-sized machinery industry during the technological innovation: a case study of the mold manufacturing industry in the Lanto region, Japan
林 秀司 Diffusion and adoption of new strawberry varieties in Japan:A case study of Nyoho and Toyonoka
1990 若本啓子 Regional characteristics of the feed-supply basis of dairy and beef cattle raising in Iwate prefecture, Japan
1991 鹿嶋 洋 The spatial structure of the interfirm linkages in the Japanese electronics industry: The production system of a large manufacturing firm and its regional implication
芳賀博文 World system of cities in terms of overseas office locations of transnational banks
1992 松井圭介 Geographical study on the sphere of Kanamura Beturai shrine faith
堤 純 A study on land conversion process focusing on land-use decisions of agents in urban and rural land market: A case study of Maebashi City, Japan
1993 川瀬正樹 A Geographical study on gender differences in commuting activities of metropolitan suburbanites: A case study of Noda, Chiba Prefecture
1994 仁平尊明 Temporal and Spatial Changes of Agricultural Regions in Terms of the Energy Efficiency of Crop Production
1995 伊藤徹哉 The Process of Renewal in Urban Residential Areas in the German Federal Republic - A case study of Nuremberg since the 1970s
杜 国慶 The development of urban systems and its primary factors in China
平井 誠 Characteristics of Elderly In-migrants and Factors in Their Movement in the Kanto District
1996 藤永 豪 The changes in Rural Space through the Cognition of place names
1997 岩間信之 Locational Characteristics of Department Stores in the Metropolitan Area: A Comparative Study of Three Major Metropolitan Areas in Japan
兼子 純 A Geographical Study on Distribution System in Terms of Location Pattern of Specialty Retail Chains in Japan
佐藤大祐 Location and Coastal Use of Marinas in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
田中耕市 Geographical Study of Accessibility Based on Multiple-Stop Trip: A Case Study of Consumption Behavior of Women in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
横山 智 A Geographical Study on the Basis for Existence of Mountainous Villages in Northern Laos
鄭 美愛 Residential Movements according to Property Formation in Seoul Metropolitan Area: A Case of Bundang New Town, Gyeonggi Do
杜 国慶 The Development of Urban Systems and Its Primary Factors in China
1998 栗島英明 A Geographical Study on the Generation and Management System of Domestic Wastes in Metropolitan Suburbs-A Case Study of Hino City and Fuchu City, Tokyo, Japan-
美谷 薫 A Geographical Study on Areal Management of Municipalities in Terms of Distribution of Public Investment: A Case Study of Utsunomiya City and Kawachi Town, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
山下亜紀郎 Spatial Structure of Water Supply-Demand System in Two Watershed Areas -A Comparative Study of Naka and Kinu-Kokai River Basins-
1999 佐々木 緑 Conposting of Organic Wastes and Its Utilization Systems in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
大島規江 A Geographical Study on Residential Area of Ethnic Minority in Amsterdam
2000 貝沼恵美 Geographical Study on Regional Differentials of Family Income in the Philippines
姜 桂和 A Geographical Study on the Aggregation Problem of Statistics: In Case of the 2000 Population and Housing Census in Korea
藤田和史 Characteristics of Interfirm Network and its Role in the Formation of Innovative Manufacturing SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises): A Comparative Study of the Suwa Area and the Kamiina Area, Nagano Prefecture
2003 AHMADI NEJAD MASOULEH, F. A Geographical Study of School Attendance Areas Using the Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Method: A Case of Rasht City, Iran
井口 梓 A Geographical Study on the Role of Female Farmers in Restructuring the Space of Agricultural Production: A Case Study of Bok-Choy Producers in Toyoda Town, Shizuoka Prefecture
駒木伸比古 Locational Changes in Large-scale Retail Stores in the Tokushima Urban Region: Locational Regulations Perspective
淡野 寧彦 The Sustainability of Pork Production Areas Owing to Branding Strategy in Japan
新名阿津子 A Geographical Study on the Development of Management Consulting Services in Japan
2004 久保 倫子 Geographical Study on the Residential Choices of Condominium Residents
丸山美沙子 Adjustment of Inter-Firm Relationship among the Intra-Metropolitan Small-and Medium-Sized Manufacturers during the Decline Period: A Case Study of Ota City, Tokyo
Yaolong Zhao Modeling Spatial Process of Urban Growth Using Cellular Automata: A Case Study of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Moses Murimi Ngigi A Geographical Study on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Kenya
2005 金 玉実 The Spatial Structure of Chinese Tourist's Destinations Network in Japan: An Analysis of Package Tours
李 虎相 The Spatial Changes of Global Network Based on the International Air Passenger Flows, 1992-2004
2006 林 琢也 Characteristics of Agritourism Regions in Japan: The Case Study of Cherry-growing Areas
吉田国光 A Geographical Study of the Transfer of Farmland Rights in Terms of Social Relationships
THAPA, R.B. Spatial Process of Urbanization in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
2007 LWIN, Ko Ko Online Micro-spatial Analysis Based on GIS Estimated Building Population: A Case of Tsukuba City
朴 秀京 Geographical Characteristics of Telemedicine Networks in Korea and Japan
2008 GISMONDI, Matteo Spatio-temporal Behaviour of Residents after the 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake: A Case Study of Kawaguchi Town, Japan
KHOI, Duong Dang Spatial Modeling of Deforestation and Land Suitability Assessment in the Tam Dao National Park Region, Vietnam
■ 他大学出身者で本研究科にて論文審査を受けた者
学位記授与年度 氏名 題目
1980 白坂 蕃 The development and transformation of tourist regions of Japan: with emphasis on ski settlement
1982 宮坂正治 The Thunen structure of agriculture in Japan, basing on gravity model
1984 桜井明久 A geographical study on the changes of agricultural land use in the Limburg region, West Germany
1985 溝尾良隆 A geographical study on evaluation of landscape
1987 淡野明彦 Formation of coastal tourist areas in the Kinki district
坂口慶治 近畿内帯山地における廃村現象の地理学的研究
1990 犬井 正 A geographical study on the use of plain forests in the Kanto plain
長坂政信 A geographical study on the production area formation of the broiler industry in Japan
篠原重則 A geographical study of the transformation of settlements in the Shikoku Mountains
1991 伊藤達也 A geographical study on the regional pattern of household composition and household formation in Japan
1995 安積紀雄 The geographical analysis of inter-area linkage of economic flustuatios in Fukuoka region, Japan
1996 北村修二 A study of regional structure of Japanese agriculture based on the part time farming