The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) has developed an automated-dual-wavelength-polarization lider network in the East Asian region. As of August 2007, 15 lidars are operated continuously in Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, and Thailand. All observation results are transferred to NIES, and quicklook figures are drawn up within 1 hour of each observation. Such figures are available in lidar group's web site ( A lidar in Tsukuba is the oldest one in the network, and has been operated since 1996. It can detect all aerosol layers in the lower/middle troposphere, and clouds up to the tropopause. Data can be utilized in the studies of radiation budget, climatologies of cloud/aerosol, detection of outflow from continents and so on.

Observation items

Location :
Latitude: 36.05 N
Longitude: 140.12 E
Elevation: 29 m a.s.l.

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PI :
Atsushi Shimizu
(National Institute for Environmental Studies)