Hydrometeorological observations at NIED, Tsukuba have been intermittently conducted since the late 90's to verify the monitoring systems which were installed in the Asian monsoon region in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, NIED has an ongoing research project to establish a multi-parameter radar network and associated ground observations (precipitation, temperature, wind velocity, soil moisture, etc.) in the Kanto plain for the short-term prediction of severe storms, floods and landslides. To verify the monitoring system of the ground observation and to compare with the additional hydrometeorological parameters which are not included in the ground observation in the project, the monitoring has been conducted in the NIED experimental field.

Observation items

Location :
Latitude: 36 07' 33" N
14005 ' 24" E
Elevation: 2
4 m a.s.l.

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PI :
Kouji Dairaku
(National Research Institute for Earth Science
and Disaster Prevention)